Word must have gotten out that Andy likes to color. You know you're up the creek when after two years of impending reorgs and layoffs the Chief-of-Staff suddenly decides it's time to boost morale with monthly employee appreciation on a whiteboard in the common area.
Right out of the gate, I got some pushback and was specifically told not to make October too scary. What? No zombie employees rising from graves with little toppled headstones? I thought we were on board with personalization. 
Layoffs were announced that March (including yours truly). Boy, that would have been a doozy of a board if they'd kept me going. 
The whiteboarding was fun, despite knowing I was almost certainly on the chopping block. Absurdity is fuel for a cartoonist. And you know, I was never reimbursed for those dry-erase markers. Somebody must owe China a lot of money.   
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