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Explanatory & marketing script projects
Internal proposal
This document and video was created at Sage Software to discuss methods for integrating technologies, reaching customers, and generating revenue by expanding upon the framework and scope of Sage Advisor.
AT&T: Explanatory Reference & Initiatives 

Design process reference and guidance
Demonstrated, created and maintained explanatory reference, including video demos, for teams working with our responsive design process. The reference covers image optimization using Adobe Generate, use of workflows in our content management system (Adobe Experience Manager) for creating responsive breakpoints, reference for working with environment managers, content implementors and developers, and parameters for visual quality assurance to ensure design fidelity in production. The reference is hosted on a searchable wiki page that includes related documents and downloads for ease of sharing and discoverability.

Also analyzed and compared results of our image optimization process using Adobe Generate and ImageOptim software with a potential compression vendor.

In addition to demonstrating the methods in the wiki for other design teams, I compiled detailed observations and concerns about working with teams who are new to working with AEM and the RWD process. Considerations include flexible collaboration with writers to adapt responsive components and content as business requirements change, parallel communication with content implementors to anticipate such changes, and recognition of development bugs that producers might mistake for design production errors.

Initiatives: eNPS Decision-Making Task Force
I joined a team tasked with addressing decision making and how the UX team interacts with other teams and vendors. My approach was to independently interview and analyze the feedback of 42 directors and SMEs from UX, Business, Development, IT, Legal & Compliance teams to identify pain points and obstacles, separate fact from perception, and understand what factors are driving behavior and decision making. Rather than creating a survey, I arranged phone interviews which required no preparation or tedious form-filling by those interviewed. Most phone calls ran 30 minutes to an hour each. Calls began with open-ended questions about pain points, and as commonalities emerged, questions were added to calls. By establishing common pain points across teams, process-related problems could be addressed by agreement through a forum, or issues requiring additional resources could be legitimately escalated.

Initiatives: Negotiation presentation
In response to our leadership's call for improving our negotiation skills, I developed a presentation based on proprietary negotiation methods gathered from creating sales training.

Initiatives: Design Principles - Baby-face Bias
Having just finished reading 'Enchanted Objects' by David Rose and 'The Inevitable' by Kevin Kelly, I chose the topic of 'Baby-face bias' as contributor to part of a series of presentations on design principles. Both books address the coming influence of machines with personality, and how they may become influential through both facial features and voice via virtual assistants or androids. With a prior interest in AI and personalization, I took the opportunity to zoom in on the various states of voice assistants, AR and VR.

Initiatives: Emerging Technologies - Company & Industry Awareness
Encouraged to pitch ideas for innovation through emerging technologies and not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I independently attended the 2017 Developer Summit (now The AT&T Shape Conference) in Las Vegas primarily to learn about AT&T's strategy surrounding emerging technologies, specifically seeking out answers about our roadmap and capacity on big data, AI & machine learning, voice assistants, block chain encryption, quantum computing, AR & VR, etc. In addition to upping my own awareness for ideation, I shared my findings in two presentations to further connect and inform our UX organization with our research and development teams to anticipate how we might empower our processes. The first report was an enormous 80-slide compilation relaying the state of various emerging tech, and the second included specific findings from the AT&T Developer Summit.

Initiatives: Orgview 2020: Organizational awareness and Communication Proposal
In such an enormous organization, coordination of communication and awareness across teams is critical for efficient workflow. As a final project submission for an IDEO Innovation course, I proposed a data-driven org chart app that would shed light on team structure, function, project status, personnel, budget-tracking and location. The app would offer instant awareness as well as AR-based way-finding across campuses, and data visualization. The proposal also explores new tools for virtual collaboration. The project was well received by HR, particularly for navigating corporate real estate, and was bookmarked for funding.
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