Writing, publications & presentations

AT&T: UX organizational R&D and process communication initiatives
• Decision-Making: UX research, analysis, & organizational initiative, presentation &     whitepaper
Negotiation methods primer & presentation
• UX team analysis & communication initiative: Acquisitions, reorgs & impacts wiki

• UX research: Digital assistants presentation
• UX research & organizational initiative: Emerging technologies, company & industry awareness, proposals & presentation
• UX organizational development & communication initiative: OrgView 2020 presentation

• RWD team dynamics: Process analysis, recommendations for role-based orientation
• RWD design process reference & resource guide
• RWD design process video guides
Sage 50 internal proposal
Document and video created at Sage Software to discuss methods for integrating technologies, reaching customers, and generating revenue by expanding upon the framework and scope of Sage Advisor.
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