Images generated with Open AI's Dall E . Touched up with Photoshop as needed (including Adobe's generative fill) and for captioning.
Original cartoon ideas
Below are some attempts at rendering a backlog of cartoon ideas I've written down over the years. 
Some outcomes are very satisfying, surprising, or fortunate, while others have been harder to pull off due to policy limitations or prompting challenges. In a few cases, I pick my battles and edit generated images in Photoshop. As the technology improves, I'll likely revisit many of these depictions to get closer to my original ideas.
Certainly, the ability to depict many ideas quickly and in a variety of styles is a huge advantage, and we're early enough in the game with such rapid and steady acceleration, I'll enjoy continuing to use AI to explore and expand my ideas.
I'm looking forward to the days when I can apply AI to my own artwork. There's still an enormous advantage to multimodal input and sometimes there's no substitute for cutting to the chase with drawings or images, but the AI has some catching up to do before it can modify an existing image.

Inspired by all those who feel the need to post their politics on LinkedIn.​​​​​​​

"Must love dogs" and other odd online dating phenomena.

Sometimes, you gotta slap the side of the bowl and show it who's boss.

A personal God? Of course!
We meet for peanut butter and jelly.
(He likes crunchy).
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