Honeywell Connected Enterprise: Blogs and White Papers

In addition to scriptwriting, my scope encompassed some writing and editing for strategic communications, blogs, white papers, infographics and brochures.
For our bi-annual marketing event, Honeywell Connect, I wrote and edited marketing collateral, including product and landing pages, emails, pitch decks and battle cards.
Role: Blog writer, editor
Background and approach: 
I researched and wrote the modern workplace blog for our commercial buildings team, and revised and fortified the bones of a very rough treatment for the warehouse operations blog. 
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White papers
Role: Writer, editor
Background and approach: 
I edited "The Next Digital Frontier", written by Praveen Sam, a visionary director of offering management.
"The Hydrogen Road to Relevance" was heavily boiled down and revised from a white paper.
I edited "The Cyber Physical Six" largely authored by Honeywell cyber guru, Eric Knapp.
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