Featured: Honeywell Connected Enterprise: Scripts for IX and Video

"HCE is the leading industrial disruptor, building and connecting software solutions to streamline and centralize the assets, people and processes that help our customers make smarter, more accurate business decisions."
Verticals include Industrials, Cybersecurity, Commercial Buildings, Warehousing and Logistics, Aerospace, and Life Sciences, with outcomes focused on sustainability, digitalization and cybersecurity.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Immersive experience (IX) scripts
Role: Lead script writer, storyboards, art direction, interaction design and graphic support
Background and approach:
The immersive experience room is a fully-enclosed immersive space that combines audiovisual and sensor technology to provide a 360-degree interactive experience.
I gathered content from marketing leaders and product marketing teams to develop scripts and storyboards for our Commercial Buildings, Industrials and Cybersecurity verticals (not included). 
The narratives explain trends impacting the industries, the outcomes the software can help achieve,  and depict day-in-the-life scenarios of personas on industrial teams to help illustrate how the software gathers enterprise data to enable decision-making and feature customer case studies.
I gathered reference from Honeywell SMEs and guided Purple's 3D artists and designers to develop immersive 3-D environments and interactive graphics that wrap the screens. 
I also designed audio, graphics and interactions using the proprietary platform, including modifications in preparation for a visiting client. 
The Industrials script shown here gives the sales team presenter a general guideline for adapting to the client's needs. The graphics in this storyboard were modified from the original focus on APM (Asset Performance Management) to speak specifically to Production Intelligence.
NPI video scripts (new product introduction)
Role: Collaborative scriptwriter and storyboards (not included in .PDFs)
Background and approach:
Honeywell's Director of Strategic Communications proposed a new approach, using on-screen talent speaking in front of a video background to serve as the face of Honeywell across products and reach the rising younger demographic of industrial leaders.  
Based on SME interviews and documentation, I wrote dialogue-driven scripts and storyboards (below). My contributions then went to our director and/or the creative team at ShootYou, who revised and ultimately decided which colorful metaphors and storyboard ideas would best lend to bringing their video backgrounds to life and how far to push the dialogue around our otherwise conservative brand. 
I'll add video and product page links as they become available.
(Product page and video links pending)
(Product page and video links pending)
Video scripts: Demos, animations and case studies
Role: Lead scriptwriter and storyboards
Background and approach:
Based on SME interviews and documentation, I wrote voice-over-driven scripts and storyboards. Case studies were written to extend existing contracts and help clients make their customers aware of new capabilities.
I'll add video and product page links as they become available.
(Product page and video links pending)
PDF - Honeywell Pilot Connect​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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