Role: Freelance script development, design, animation, and interactive info design.
Background: Hardin Insurance specializes in selling Medigap Medicare supplemental insurance. The owner needed a way to explain and differentiate his product.
Approach: I interviewed the owner, Chris Hardin, to develop a script and taglines based on his expertise and rationale. I then recorded voice-over and created an animated presentation.
I also created an interactive chart for comparing Medigap plans online and for consulting call-in clients. An explanation of the chart also appears in the presentation. Moving the cursor over any part of the chart isolates and connects plan features.
Hello, this is Chris Hardin.
Medigap is Medicare supplemental insurance.
Unlike Medicare Advantage plans, original Medicare with Medigap offers the most predictable yearly out-of-pocket costs. These plans are easy to understand and compare, and are the most compatible with healthcare providers.
Let’s look at the limits of Medicare to understand why people need Medigap.
Original Medicare covers most hospitalization and doctor charges. However, after part A and B deductibles are met, you could still face heavy out-of-pocket costs.
We can see the gaps in the Medicare program and better understand the need for supplemental insurance.
In my opinion, Advantage plans are penny-wise but pound-foolish.
While Advantage plans might suggest savings for the consumer, they are difficult to understand, the plans change annually, and many physicians and hospitals do not accept Advantage plans.
Original Medicare with Medigap is easy to understand and accepted by all hospitals and most doctors.
Medigap seldom requires claim filing and is guaranteed renewable for life.
Medigap plans are standardized so that the coverage of any letter plan is the same regardless of the provider, giving the consumer a clear picture when searching for a competitive rate.
Medigap offers an easy-to-compare table of plans.
Basic benefits. This covers the Medicare daily copays for hospitalization, days 61 through 90, and 91 through 150. Basic benefits also cover the 20% remainder of costs not covered by Medicare part B for doctors’ fees, including surgery and outpatient services.
Skilled nursing facility coinsurance. Medicare covers the first twenty days of skilled nursing, and this benefit covers the daily copayment for days 21 through 100.
Medicare Part A deductible. This pays the Medicare part A deductible per benefit period.
Medicare Part B deductible. This pays the annual Medicare part B deductible.
Medicare Part B excess charges. 100%. This covers the cost when doctors who do not accept Medicare assignment apply a 15% charge above Medicare’s approved amount.
Foreign travel and emergency. This provides $50,000 in emergency coverage outside the United States. There’s a $250 deductible, and then pays at 80%.
At-home recovery. This pays up to $40 per visit with a $1600 per year maximum for custodial home health care following a hospital stay.
Preventative care. Not covered by Medicare, this pays $120 per year maximum.
For clear and steady coverage, Hardin Insurance recommends original Medicare with Medigap.
The most for predictable and accessible to consumers, the most compatible with healthcare providers.
For complete details, download the Department of Health and Human Services publication on choosing a Medigap policy.
You can also compare Medigap plans using the easy interactive chart on our website.
Or, just ask us for a quote.
Interactive chart for comparing Medigap plans.
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