Role: Contract conceptualization, animation, illustration.
Background: This e-card is intended to drive donations for breast cancer research. ACS called for a breakfast-in-bed theme.
Approach: I was aware of other campaigns like,, and another called Artful Bras, all of which embrace a fun approach targeted toward young women. ACS was on board with doing something fun as well, so I pitched four concepts, and they chose the 'Burlesque Breakfast in Bed'
Outcomes: The regional office was concerned that certain aspects of the first rendition of the e-card were too suggestive, and ultimately, ACS shut down any kind of booby reference, and renamed it 'The Morning Show'. Suggestive? Yeah! Burlesque has always been a celebratory tradition of female empowerment, the idea was all about embracing the boobies, not avoiding them! Save the Ta-Tas, right? That's not suggestive, that's a command! Come on, ACS, get with the program! 
So, we ended up with a kind of non-sensical Fellini-esque bad dream. I can only imagine how anyone might react upon receiving these well-meaning, hamstrung well-e-wishes.
Initially, the finale featured a strutting pig sporting a bacon boa, which was eliminated along with several other elements. The orange tree, for example, boasted two very voluptuous oranges and was moving to a tango.
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