Logo contest submission: AT&T Design Jam, Atlanta 2018
Role: Contestant submitting original concept and graphic illustration
Background: The AT&T Design Jam logo contest called for a design that captures the spirit of AT&T UX designers gathering for creative collaboration and experimentation. 
Approach: A night of alternating sleep and brainstorming yielded the classic cartoon motif of alley cats sitting on a fence, howling in the moonlight, and someone throwing a shoe. The submission date also happened to coincide with a full moon. 
The new AT&T color scheme of black, blue and white served the theme well as the colors of night - darkness, shadows, and moonlight. I wonder if they are intended to suggest 'prime time' with the new entertainment focus. I also submitted a version with white background.

The three cats satisfied my wish to represent a harmonious merger of the three companies: AT&T, DTV, & Time Warner. An extended metaphor might also suggest AT&T sitting on a fence, pending resolution in the March 19th court date with the DOJ...and who's throwing that big shoe? Lastly, for anyone who is concerned that there is no logo featured in the design - that's no moon...it's a space station. ;)
Results: Although my design wasn't selected, it was recognized and distinguished for being illustrative rather than a pure logo. 
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