Role: Visual Graphic and information design, illustration.
Background: This fun, volunteer project called for a depiction of C-level leadership as racing contestants competing in a community fundraiser. Images were updated and sent via weekly emails to reflect each team's place in the contest to promote the campaign, foster participation and team spirit, and encourage employee donations.
A marketing team provided a few different ideas and asked our team to develop one of the concepts, so I volunteered and developed the racing concept. 
Approach: I compiled an image catalog of classic and modern sports cars and motorcycles and proposed that each exec choose a vehicle to express their personal style. I was told the C-suite isn't allowed to ride motorcycles, but I persuaded the director that the cartoon format would grant special license for leaders to show personality, and it was agreed. Sure enough, we had a rider.
Once vehicles were selected, I extracted portraits and combed the web for costumes, manipulating body parts and positions to suit each vehicle. I thought of gags to lampoon winning or losing rankings - the winners popping wheelies or leaving behind a trail of flames, and the losing vehicle leaving a trail of smoke and skid marks.
The blimp offers a counter for the total funds raised while showering the stands (community) with cash, and participation scoreboards precede each organization's leader who waves the checkered flag at the finish line.
Results: I submitted weekly updates to reflect the competition in numbers, and the graphic elements were eventually pulled from my original files to create a company-wide animated video to promote the fundraiser. Leadership loved the project.
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