Volvo & Mack Truck: Interactive training module
Role: Contract interaction & graphic design
Background: After posting my profile on the E-Learning Guild website, I was invited to work on a project as an independent contractor.
Problem: The instructional designer needed to create a training module for properly setting up a showroom floor display, and she was open to interaction design ideas.
Solution: I proposed a drag and drop interaction. I requested photo reference of the various elements and created color vector versions with rollover states for clear distinction in the drag and drop exercise. I also designed an updated navigation interface and handed off all assets for the instructional designer to build in their authoring tool. 
Result: After completing the project, the manager offered a full-time position with Volvo & Mack Trucks in Greensboro, NC, but I accepted a competing offer from Sage Software in Atlanta, GA.  
3 Dimensions of Negotiation motion graphic
Role: Contract instructional design, graphic treatment and animation of an existing diagram.
Background: Created for interactive corporate sales negotiation training.
Quigo: Visual Visitor product explainer
Role: Freelance script development, graphic and motion design.
Background: The team at Quigo needed a quick animated demo to introduce their new product, Visual Visitor, a web-based solution for identifying web traffic and pre-qualifying sales leads. They had a tight budget and were open to ideas.

Approach: We met to discuss the key points and features, and I proposed several concepts, storyboards and scripts. The client provided their logo, and I chose to manipulate stock photos for efficient animation. I adjusting the script as I worked, and provided (albeit, rather horrible) voice over. 
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