Interactive Presentation: Sage Advisor explainer
Role: Interaction design, illustration, motion
Background: Sage Advisor is a proprietary system of personalized user assistance created for Sage 50 Accounting software. Upon encountering a task that might be performed more efficiently, customers may trigger tutorial videos from within the software. By tracking customer usage within the software and purchase history, Sage Advisor also recommends relevant partner services, thereby monitizing the user experience through big data while also measuring behavior change, encouraging customer retention and reducing support call volume. More about the UX strategy by the creator of Sage Advisor here

Request: The director needed a presentation to explain the Sage Advisor rule engine.

Approach: The video below was originally an interactive presentation created as an alternative to a PowerPoint, used to explain Sage Advisor (separation of sections a bit choppy) - faint interface controls at the bottom, the interactivity allowed him to trigger animations as they speak.
Sage Advisor: Content Strategy Proposal
Role: Product ideation initiative 
Background: I developed a script, video, and infographic to discuss methods for integrating technologies, reaching customers, and generating revenue by expanding upon the framework and scope of Sage Advisor. 
Proposal features include:
• Web app for multilingual and multi-currency conversion
• Cloud-based data visualization and reporting
• Financial portal for serving expert financial content
• Guidance for small businesses in the emerging BRICS markets to compete with Intuit
• Customizable Sage Advisor dock for accessing desktop products
Visual fly-through without narration
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