Role: Script editing, audio editing, graphic design, motion
Problem: These videos were created to guide users to work more efficiently and to use new features. Working with the subject matter expert, I created an enormous library of branded, animated videos for explaining specific tasks. 

Approach: The usability team identified which features should be addressed with a video, I recommended using a trainer to develop rough scripts which I edited for mechanics and flow. I then worked by phone with voice talent in New York, and edited audio for each video. I added WebTrends scripts to the HTML pages that contain each video for tracking purposes.

The "Kim the Trainer" character was designed by an agency, which I animated at the conclusion of each video. I designed the intro/outro layouts and animated treatments, including the logo, and added the musical chime at the beginning of each video which I selected and edited from a song by my friend, Pat Strawser.

I proposed YouTube for video hosting and worked with the development team to throttle test against the Akamai server they had been using. YouTube proved faster, and gave the additional benefit of significant cost savings, sharing, and analytics. 

I also created designs to support Sage Advisor, including a landing page, YouTube channel, custom video player, in-product launch pad, and interactive map for enrollment into Sage University courses. I designed and wrote copy for a landing page to showcase the 'Show-me-how' videos and other videos created by an agency. 
Example videos
Outro: Character animation at 1:16
Outro: Character animation at :48
Outro: Character animation at :41
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