Role: Visual designer, IRU & Personalization project examples below.
Personalization incubator: "Churnbusters"
Background: Churnbusters bolt-on offer was an early personalization experience designed to recognize and retain high-value customers ('whales') by offering extra data when they search 'unlock' - tantamount to unlocking their device and abandoning their AT&T contract.
Approach: Modal designs constructed according to our style guide, plus photo selection and treatment. As a design it's nothing special, but the problem itself is more interesting.

Case study: I introduced the project in a design-thinking workshop and gathered additional feedback from a variety of perspectives including five from usability testing, several from support and other groups. 
Outcomes: A major conclusion for taking advantage of big data profiling for retention was to be proactive - drive loyalty through special offers and rewards for long-time customers, preventatively diagnose and replace old equipment by drop-shipment, text plan recommendations and price matching as conditions warrant across the market. 
IRU Discount Program
Background: IRU customers are employees of companies who have relationships with AT&T. They can login to IRU pages to verify eligibility for discounts or to view offers. 
Approach: I redesigned the landing page, along with several other IRU projects, redlined and worked with developers to ensure fidelity to the comps. 
IRU Coupon: Unsubscribe modal and instructional modal.
IRU adaptable banner widget variations (legacy-style)
Background: Adaptable AT&T-branded banner provided to IRU partners, spanning in several sizes and colors. 
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