Sage Advisor T-shirt Concepts
Role: Sr. Interaction Designer, Sage Software. Original concepts, illustrations and copy
Background: Sage Advisor is a help system built into Sage 50 Accounting software, intended to provide user guidance, reduce support call volume and cross-sell relevant partner services. More about Sage Advisor here.
Project: Create a t-shirt design for Sage Advisor. Point of reference, the director likes the logo for Madcap Software which depicts a propeller hat covering a smiling face.
Approach & result: Brainstorm everything under the sun and shotgun blast the director to see what - if anything - makes him tick...then pretend it never happened. Weeeee!!!

Background: Illustrative screenshots from animations created to explain the four flavors of Sage 50 software and boost consumer confidence at the point of purchase online.
Read more and view the animations here.

Background: ​​​​​​​Illustrative screenshots I created for an interactive presentation to help the director explain the rule engine governing the prioritization and conditional appearance of advisory notices in Sage Advisor. 
Read more and view the animation here.
Sage Advisor: Internal Proposal
Background: I developed an original video, script, and infographic to internally propose and discuss ideas for integrating technologies, reaching customers, and generating revenue by expanding upon the framework and scope of Sage Advisor. View the video and script here.
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